23 Mar 2016

Playing with pigmented ink

Last weekend I got myself some pigmented ink. I just bought a small bottle of Cyan Blue Pigmented Ink by Rohrer & Klingner to try it out. The blue ink looks pretty good on its own. It has that nice rich blue hue that I really like.

Putting it on a wet sheet of paper and letting the ink blend randomly produced some really nice results. Here you can see the two best images that were produced during my experimentation session.

The first image was done on a wet piece of water color paper. After the blue ink had dried, I put in the foreground elements with pure black ink.

Here I mixed the Cyan Blue Pigmented Ink with pure black ink. Again, after the background was completely dry, I painted the foliage and trees in the foreground with black ink.

I hope you like this post and my images. Now please excuse me, I have to get more pigmented ink.