WoW Fanart: Orc Painting

As I don’t have any time left to play World of Warcraft, one of my all-time favourite games, I took the time to practice my digital painting skills with a bit of fan art :-).

The painting process was so much fun that I didn’t even notice the hours flying past. All in all this painting took me about 6-8 hours from drawing to finish.

Here are some in-between stages:

First, I did a quick study of generic orc heads to find a design that I am happy with. There were several more that I didn’t scan in.

After choosing a design I brought it into Photoshop and did a rough line painting to separate the general shapes.

This was followed by a first shadow pass. I already established my main light source to come from the right side of the image.

Precision wasn’t my main concern at this point, as I could correct any mistakes later in the process.

At this stage I introduced some skin texture and refined the armor. I also increased the level of detail in the shadows to give a better sense of depth in the orc’s face.

Now comes the fun part. I blocked in the main local color on the background and the orc’s face. This took me a great amount of time as I changed the colors all the time to make them work with the background.

Finally I was quite happy with it and moved on to the next step: Details. I worked my way around the image and painted in some fine details and color variations of the skin.

Those evil eyes are still placeholders and are getting refined in the next step 😉

This is the final stage before post-processing. All the details are in place and the color scheme seems to be working quite good now. I refined those evil eyes and made them a more detailed kind of evil 😉

And this is it, after a last pass of refining the skin I did some post-processing to make the image look good on most devices. I also added those sparks in the background to make the orc look even more badass 🙂