25 Jun 2018

Goblin Observatory

With this post I would like to start a little series called Goblin Workshops. My goal is to design a series of workshops that are operated by goblins in an isometric style. There also is a little background story involved to keep things interesting.

Goblins can be very resourceful and smart creatures when in danger, and the tribe you are getting to know over the next few weeks is in real trouble.

Third moon, second sun – Algnar Observatory

“What’s he still doing up there?”, Gyrd asked, looking up to the slim platform where master Vanik was sitting for hours now, staring through the huge telescope and scribbling some notes every now and then.

“Beats me”, Vyzzi replied indifferently. “I just hope they won’t spot our fire”.

“Don’t you even think about putting it out again, I don’t wanna freeze my ass off for that nonsense”. With that, Gyrd leaned his spear at the wall of the small cabin and sat down next to Vyzzi . Eagerly, he reached out to the tiny flame with his hands, enjoying the warmth that began to crawl over his skin.

“It’s not nonsense, you know? The signs are there, everyone can see them now. We just have to find it, before they do”. Vyzzi lay down on his back, arms folded behind his head. He peeked into the clear night sky, trying to make out any unusual objects.

“Yeah you‘re right. Guess we‘ll have to wait until he comes down from there, see what he found out.“