03 Jul 2018

Goblin Brewery

“Why do we have to guard this place?”, Jenva muttered to Wak, who was standing next to him in front of the massive iron door in the hills. Places like this were common here in Ikix, as the vast hill land offered plenty of opportunities for hidden cellars and catacombs.

“How should I know? The brewery isn’t even fully functioning anymore. Has been wrecked for decades”, Wak replied wearily.

“The big bronze things are still working, Wak. They’re using them right now”.

“Yes, but from the scent of it they’re somewhat beat-up, too. Smells like dead rats! A pile of them!”

“I don’t think they’re making mead up there Wak. Haven’t you seen how careful they are with the barrels?”. Jenva scratched his head and stretched his legs a bit, which have gone tired over standing here for hours.

“Be quiet, he’s coming back.”