Graveyard In Winter

After getting my hands on Procreate 4.2, I stumbled upon a great tutorial by Nikolai Lockertsen. He has a nice way to explain his workflow and gives many tricks on how to do certain things fast and efficient. This is what I created:

Ice Canyon

Check out my latest painting. This time it’s a futuristic one. Painting ice helps with the temperatures outside, too 😀 This one was done much quicker than the previous one in a speed painting approach. My goal was to get the design idea across with minimal time spent on rendering little details.

Tunnel Beast

The heavy armored tunnel squad, commanded by the experienced dragon slayer Broutgrok Redbrew, is fighting an enormous beast in one of their tunnels.

Shrine In The Woods

With this painting I am pausing my Goblin Workshop series for a few weeks. While not technically being a workshop, it resembles a natural break in the story and gives me some time to re-evaluate where I want to take this series. I have the story already in mind, but am not totally sure how…
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Goblin Farm

Gligtel looked around. The destruction was all around them. The whole farm building was burned down, and the fields were completely destroyed. Only the silo tower was left. Maybe it had been spared because it was empty anyways. The nearby army had an enormous hunger, leaving the locals only with the bare minimum to survive.…
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Goblin Blacksmith

Gavif let the hammer crush onto the red hot piece of metal. Although she and Clobs were taking turns in this task, it was still very exhausting. Add to that the carrying of hot lava buckets to fuel the forge, and the excessive heat in this desert, and you got yourself a job no goblin…
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Goblin Brewery

“Why do we have to guard this place?”, Jenva muttered to Wak, who was standing next to him in front of the massive iron door in the hills. Places like this were common here in Ikix, as the vast hill land offered plenty of opportunities for hidden cellars and catacombs. “How should I know? The…
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Goblin Observatory

With this post I would like to start a little series called Goblin Workshops. My goal is to design a series of workshops that are operated by goblins in an isometric style. There also is a little background story involved to keep things interesting. Goblins can be very resourceful and smart creatures when in danger,…
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Cavern Gemstone

So, now that I’m back, let me restart my weekly blogging with a painting I did in April 2018. It’s an ice cavern featuring a glowing gemstone. I did this painting in a color-first approach, skipping the grayscale painting that I usually would do first to get my values right. It’s fun to try out…
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Mentorship Testimonial: Tyler Edlin

So, in September 2017 I started 8 weeks of mentorship with Tyler Edlin. My goal was to further my skills in environment design and to build on past foundation classes @CGMA. I specifically chose Tyler’s mentorship program because I love his world building skills and paintings style. His approach to teaching is also very cool,…
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Overcast creek

I took a longer break from posting new paintings because I was spending my time doing mostly studies and learning new techniques. During this time I hardly produced any paintings that I would call presentable, so nothing has been posted here. But now I am back and am going to show you my work in…
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Landscape Study: Moody valley

Another one of my digital landscape studies. Small, gloomy town in a valley.

Landscape Study: Cherry Tree

I am doing a set of landscape studies at the moment. While these should be quick studies, I really liked this one and spent a little more time on it to bring it to a higher level of finish:

Skull Studies: Time Lapse Videos

In my last post I showed you some of the skull studies that I did recently. As I did them in Procreate there is a time lapse video of each of those drawing that I’d like to share with you. Human Skull Study Elk Skull Study Porcupine Skull Study Cat Skull Study Those studies are…
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