Studying Ships

This week was all about doing some design decisions on the main shapes of my ship for the ArtStation challenge. I was quite happy with the initial design, but the bow shape is still a little bit too generic. So I spent most of this week studying bow shapes 😉 Here are two pages of…
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Dragons, Technology and People

Spring has finally arrived in Munich, and with it a whole new season of outdoor sketching 🙂 I was having some fun drawing dragons. I also studied the mechanisms of trip hammers for a side project that I am currently working on. Refining my initial conceptual design for the ArtStation challenge, I also played around…
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ArtStation Challenge: The Journey

Last week, I decided to join the ArtStation challenge “The Journey”. I was already drawing a concept of a ship that I am now going to develop even further for this challenge. My submission page can be found under the 2D Transport Art Challenge category. A part of the challenge is to show the process,…
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Happy Easter

First and foremost, I wish you all a Happy Easter 🙂 This week has been really busy with the final homework for my current CGMA class. Most of this has been done digitally, so I didn’t use my sketchbook much at all. I drew a cute little easter bunny though 😉 As a little compensation,…
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Playing with pigmented ink

Last weekend I got myself some pigmented ink. I just bought a small bottle of Cyan Blue Pigmented Ink by Rohrer & Klingner to try it out. The blue ink looks pretty good on its own. It has that nice rich blue hue that I really like. Putting it on a wet sheet of paper…
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Hands and monsters

This week was really stuffed with homework from my CGMA class. Because most of this is done digitally, there is not a lot in my sketchbook this week. But see for yourself 😉

Characters and colored mushrooms

Another week is coming to an end, and here you can see a mix of the projects I am currently working on. The character sketches were done for my CGMA class. I did the inked gesture sketches on the subway, so they are quite loose and wiggly. The blacksmith tools and forge are related to…
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Cute little robot

As a follow-up on my last Sketchbook Sunday post, I am now showing you the design that I came up with for the little robot character that I sketched last week. I did that design for my current CGMA class and quite liked the robot, so I decided to render it with Copic markers, colored…
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Goblins, Characters & Mushrooms

We are reaching week 3 of Sketchbook Sunday. This week was really stuffed with different projects, so you will find a healthy mess of sketches below. The character sketches (excluding the goblins) have been done for my current CGMA class. I found the little robot (can you find him?) so cute that I had to…
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More Dragons & Goblins

This is my second Sketchbook Sunday post. It continues the dragon drawings from last week, but also has some new stuff with goblins and… telescopes?

Dragons & Landscapes

With the new homepage layout finished, I am starting a new weekly blog series called Sketchbook Sunday. In this series I want to show you some of the sketches that I did in my sketchbooks over the last week. So here you have it – Sketchbook Sunday, Week 1: Dragons and Landscapes. Reference The dragon…
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New Homepage Layout

After my homepage has been online for about 1 year now, it was finally time to give it a proper layout. The old one was not really bad, but it had some essential design flaws that were even getting on my own nerves. To me, that seemed to be a clear signal to redo it…
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Inktober 2015 Summary

Instead of leaving all my inktober posts online on their own, I am now putting them here as a whole gallery.

Music Video Artwork

I created an illustration for my buddy Ewald Nickl. He used it in his song “Last Life” which you can watch on YouTube. You can watch the full video on YouTube.